Why BillBoard Expo VETS?

Focus on New York
Our vehicles have pre-existing routes that take your message through key sections of New York City and the Boroughs; providing our clients with unique access through the main artery of New York and the surrounding Boroughs.

Dedicated Routes
BillBoard Expo Vets (BBexpoVETS) has a pre-determined dedicated route through a specific area of the city and the surrounding Boroughs helping to ensure your message achieves the greatest exposure. Clients can also route our vehicle if they are looking to target a certain area with their message.

Due to our primary vehicle’s uniqueness, we can stop along certain routes for a period of time and straticly elevate you message, ensuring a large audience see your message.

2 Sides of the Vehicle
Our rate includes BOTH sides of the vehicle.

GPS Verification
Our clients are given online access to GPS tracking so they can follow their message along a given route it’s traveling.

Reasonable Rates
Our vehicles will provide you with one of the most affordable advertising outlets available. BBexoVETS’ primary vehicle will generate enormous exposure for your company or organization at minimal expense. Case in point: for similar budgets you can advertise on 1 (one) traditional stationary NYC Billboard or you can have BBEXPOVETS canvassing the City and Boroughs.

Motorists & Pedestrians
The route we chose places your message in front of both motorists and pedestrians for added impact and exposure.