Want to start your own Business?

BBexpoVETS is providing Military Veterans an opportunity to start their own BBexpoVETS business in your own community or town. I created an affordable One-Person Professional Installation Kit what will enable you to go out and solicit or advertise advertisement on your truck or install a Snappy Frame System on your client’s vehicles to advertise their business. The Snappy Frame System can be installed to advertise either outdoor or indoor.

Phase I

The One-Person Professional Installation Kit will allow you to measure the area your client’s wants to use on their vehicle to advertise their service or product. After you have measured the area and determined the size of the frame and the Banner, you will place your order with us and we will ship out the required Snappy Frame for you to install.

Phase II

The Banner System will required yours, ours or the client’s Graphics Department to design the graphic and send the file to BBexpoVETS printer to be printed and treated for the Snappy Frame System.
We will ship the banner to you and with the One-Person Professional Installation Kit you will install the banner on the client’s vehicle.

Phase III

Go out to solicit advertisement from organization, corporation and companies who want to advertise on your vehicle or other trucks you have installed a Snappy Banner System who is looking to make extra money driving around with the advertisement on their truck.
BBexpoVets-NYC will provide you with reasonable support and training until you get off the ground. We will also show or help you with soliciting government contract as a Veteran Owned Business or a Service-Disable Veteran Owned Business.