Advertising Placement

We have several vehicle makes and model. However for the convenience of our advertising clients we keep all pricing consistent. With your purchase our packages places your messages on both sides of the vehicle. We do have a package with our primary vehicle that allows us to park and extend your message 20-30 feet in the air giving you the greatest exposure available at that given time.

GPS tracking

BBexpoVETS vehicle operate on regular urban surface routes serving various sections of the New York’s five boroughs and the surrounding area. To view our routing routes please visit our routes page. As an added service to our client’s we provide access to our GPS system this way you can always know where your message is at any given moment. Depending on the route you may log in and see your message currently being delivered to a crowd at Time Square, in front of the Grand Center, or Penn Station. Try getting a traditional billboard there to delivery your message at our price.


Pricing is dependent upon availability of a given route and other market conditions. BBexpoVETS accepts clients with a minimum run time of a week to a month; however, exceptions can be made under special circumstances.