Primary truck display area is 7x12 (84 sq ft)
Display lift ability 20-30 feet

BBexpoVets rates are as follow:

Banner rates:

1 side $420 cost to print and display $5.00x84 sq ft
2 sides $840 cost to print and display $5.00x84 sq ft
(does not include art work)

Banner change $40.00 per side

Daily rate:
$180.00 min 3 hrs per client
$340.00 (8 hr day)

Truck lift rates additional cost:
Park in Place
$60.00 1-3 hrs
$50.00 6-8 hrs

10-15% Discounts

Discounts for weekly/monthly runs

Call 347-683-7327 for any inquires
if you cannot reach me please keep trying don't leave a message.

Thank you,