Disable Combat Iraq Vet Photographer/Videographer

Master Sergeant George F. Lamboy III JD retired from Military services with over twenty eight years of experience as the Chief Public Affairs NCO (46Z50). His last duty assignment was serving with a combat Mobile Public Affairs Detachment in Iraq supporting the 101st Airborne. He was responsible for a 22 member PAO Detachment. He ensured their well-being, they received proper training, and counseling to endure their deployment in Iraq. He was responsible for overseeing the media operations center of which consisted of photo/video, print, and a broadcast section.

Master Sergeant Lamboy started his career working as a photographer assistance in the early 70's, attend Germain School of Photography when it was located in New York City on Broadway. Attend Center for the media Arts for over a year, before joining the military and became Peden Barracks Post photographer located in Werthiem Germany while stationed oversea, advanced to the position as Senior Photographer for the 72nd Brigade and Chief Editor for the Garrison Newspaper “Valley View”. He was trained in the craft of lighting, sound production and filming while working on several local military short film productions in Germany. Assigned to work with a German production company as a military advisor for the Post Garrison Commander. While stationed overseas, he was required to develop and teach basic and intermediate level photography, lighting, sound production, and military filming techniques to enlisted and officers working in the Public Affairs area. Master Sergeant Lamboy also taught military family members and Germany nationals Military film style techniques, lighting and sound production after duty hours. While stationed state side, he was assigned as the Senior Photographer and Broadcaster responsible for local military short films productions related to Command messages, training films and recruiting shorts.

Master Sergeant Lamboy joined the New York National Guard as the 187th Brigade Senior Public Affairs NCO responsible for overseeing the operation of the Photo/Video, and Print section including the Command short film productions, photography and the monthly Brigade Newsletter publication. While serving as the Senior Public Affairs NCO, he was responsible for providing training in photography, film production, interviewing, sound production, and studio lighting to team members and unit respresentative who volunteers to become stringers for the Brigade Newsletter.

Master Sergeant Lamboy also took several excellent civilian courses with the New York Film Academy. The four week Digital Video, four week Editing, and one week Music Video course allowed Master Sergeant Lamboy to compare military to civilian training and realize that the civilian counterpart are given the opportunity to have several people assume various roles within a production, while in the military, the operator must assume all the roles within a military production.

The New York Film Academy provided Master Sergeant Lamboy and his soldiers deploying to Iraq with an opportunity to attend an Intensive Combat Digital Training Program designed and implemented in joint cooperation with their senior instructor and Master Sergeant Lamboy to ensure soldiers were trained in video production under simulated combat conditions.

Medically retired from Actice Duty after his deployment to Iraq, Master Sergeant Lamboy joined the New York Guard, volunteer State militia, attend an officer course and was promoted to the rank of Captain based on degree and military experience. He served as the New York Guard Public Affairs Officer for the State of New York for over three years.

Captain Lamboy has attended and taught various Public Affairs courses throughout his 28 years of military services in all levels of military photography, film production, sound, and lighting.

Captain Lamboy currently holds the rank of Major and is assigned to the 12th BDE at Camp Smith located in Peeksill New York.

Mr. Lamboy graduated from School of Visual Arts (SVA) in May of 2011 with a Masters Professional Studies in Live Action Short Films. He has AD over 5 short films while attending the program.

Mr. Lamboy graduated from CUNY Law School in May of 1992. He has a BA from City College.